Licence Checks


Department for Transport research concludes that over 553,000 hours per month are spent on the road by unlicensed drivers. Industry statistics show that nearly one in three drivers covering business mileage have penalty points on their licence. Every day drivers’ licences are revoked – with or without their knowledge. The photo card driving licence introduced in 1998 has a ten year validity.

In our experience, over 80% of drivers holding these licences are unaware that they expire.

The Solution

Safedrive working in partnership with DAVIS, solution is a secure, fully-managed driving licence verification service delivering online results to driver enquiries directly from the DVLA database. The system verifies an individual driving licence record and status, with enquiry results delivered at customer level in a secure, web based application that provides a comprehensive range of reports and summaries of any action required.

To improve organisational efficiency, speed, and accuracy, the entire process is delivered online.

Knowing that all of your employees have valid and legal driving licences helps you start off on the right foot when it comes to safety on the roads.

Safedrive sets up a dashboard for your managers that highlights important fleet information in real time, identifies ‘at risk’ drivers, reduces your administration and, most of all, accurately validates each Driver Number against the DVLA database.

A process that fulfills your Duty of Care obligations, Driving Licence Validation is a service that helps to ensure that insurance policies in place remain valid for both driver and employer.

That’s why it’s so important to check that your drivers:
– Are not driving certain vehicle types without the correct licence to do so
– Have a licence that is both valid and in date
– Have made any points or penalties known to you
– Are not disqualified from driving
– Have a fully updated licence, including all personal information and photographs

We’re here to help you minimise the headaches of managing and controlling the risks associated with work related driving.

Prices will depend on volume.

Access the Driver Licence Checking System

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