Are you a qualified, experienced driver trainer based in the UK? If you are interested in becoming an assessor with Safedrive, we’d love to hear from you. You can email us directly here.

Please be aware that we require our assessors to have certain qualifications and experience. When you contact us, including an attached copy of your CV will allow us to process your enquiry faster.

Safedrive has a number of self-employed assessors across the UK to help cover certain areas so that we can provide the very best service to our clients. Every Safedrive Assessor is ADI-qualified and has a range of experience in driving various vehicle types. When submitting your details to Safedrive, please ensure you include details of your current ADI licence as well as details of your own driving experience.

Alternatively, you can enquire about becoming a Safedrive Assessor by filling in our Contact Form on the Safedrive website. You can find that here.