Helping you to interpret telematics data and address issues around driver behaviour

‘DRiiVE’ has a unique approach to this with a proven, measurable solution to improve the safety of drivers and our roads. By harnessing unrivalled experienced and industry leading technology, DRiiVE delivers a comprehensive, human led data analysis and proactive risk intervention.

Complimented by a robust driver Personal Development Program for ongoing education and safe new driver onboarding, this program aims to identify risk and eliminate it before it manifests itself in your fleet performance.

A crucial element of this unique end to end solution is the DRiiVE App which allows drivers to select their vehicle, conduct an electronic vehicle check and self-certify their fitness to drive each time they start a shift.
The app delivers detailed driver feedback in a nonintrusive, safe format as well as holding all relevant company driver policy documentation, allowing drivers to acknowledge receipt and acceptance.

Using telematics data from your fleet, the DRiiVE team will monitor the behaviour of the driver on the clients behalf, making phone calls to problematic drivers, enabling the driver to recognise and rectify their ‘risky’ behaviour.

In addition, bespoke weekly reports are sent to the client highlighting any issues if required

(this intervention is suitable for all vehicle types)

If you require further information regarding DRiiVE, please contact Safedrive on 01952 298990. Alternatively, you can fill out the Contact form or email us here.