Driver Behaviour Workshops

It can sometimes be difficult to find time to send your drivers on on-road training – and sometimes, drivers don’t need assessment as much as they require a firm, regular reminder of the risks they may encounter on the road.

Cue Safedrive’s Driver Awareness Workshop. These sessions can be delivered either to a classroom of up to 10 drivers or virtually to 8 drivers using video conferencing systems enabling delegates to see, talk and message the trainer during the session. All Safedrive Workshops can be specialised to suit the exact situations you’d like your drivers to learn about.  We have four distinct Workshops we carry out as standard – however, these are flexible and items can be added to suit you.

Driver Behaviour Workshops – Classroom / Virtual

Through the sharing of participants’ own experiences and perceptions, the workshop creates an environment of lively debate and questioning. This enables the group to discover for themselves the contributory factors in various crash types.

By taking part in the workshop, participants gain a greater understanding of the dangers on the road and are able to adopt a driving style that significantly reduces their potential of being involved in an incident or crash.

Driver Behaviour Workshop Objectives:

  • Raise driver knowledge, awareness and risk perception
  • Explore common causes of accidents and how to avoid them
  • Use of speed – is it inappropriate?
  • Addressing sustainability and green issues
  • Stress and fatigue – how to reduce or avoid it
  • Promoting company policies
  • Managing occupational road risk

Maintenance & Manoeuvres Workshop – Classroom only 

Safedrive is able to offer a classroom-based workshop for up to 10 drivers. These sessions, which last 3 – 3½ hours, can take place at a location of your choosing and involve a number of classroom-based presentations, discussions, and exercises.

Drivers will be shown how to carry out checks on vehicles to maintain them to the highest standard. They will be shown, either in the classroom or on an example vehicle, what signs to look for to help identify wear, damage, or other potential dangers within a vehicle. Drivers will also be given the chance to practice slow speed manoeuvres such as multi point turns and variations of parking. This can be especially helpful for drivers of vans and HGVs to serve as a reminder of the vehicle’s size and blind spots.

The result is a heightened sense of awareness for vehicle safety, as well as a better understanding of what to look for and how. This can lead to drops in repair and replacement costs, insurance claims and premium costs. Well-maintained vehicles are also much safer and more fuel efficient, resulting in further savings.

Eco Driving for Electric Vehicles – Classroom / Virtual 

Safedrive is also proud to offer specialised training for the drivers of electric or hybrid vehicles.

One of our qualified assessors will explain the major differences between driving a conventional petrol or diesel vehicle and an electric one. Drivers will learn new driving techniques to enable them to drive for longer on less charge. They will become familiar with how to operate new aspects of an electric vehicle and how to interact with relevant surroundings i.e, charging centres. They’ll also examine and discuss the unique dangers that come with driving an electric vehicle, such as how other road users may interact with it, and how to improve their driving style to minimise these risks.

Vulnerable Road Users – Classroom / Virtual 

Drivers will learn about the dangers faced regularly by vulnerable road users such as cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians. They will be encouraged to examine their driving habits with a view to reduce the risk they pose to such users. The session will also cover what to do in the event of an accident, the consequences of driver involvement in crashes, increasing awareness to hazards and potential risk, sharing the road and other road safety initiatives. Drivers are asked to reflect on their own driving and work to drive in a safer and more cautious manner, reducing on-road risk both to the drivers and other road users.

Safedrive Workshops are available across the UK and can be carried out at your location. One of our qualified assessors will attend and educate drivers on the importance of risk reduction whilst on road.

For more information on any of the courses, please click here to contact one of our qualified staff. Alternatively, you can call us on 0344 892 1728.