Forward Facing Cameras

With a camera inside your vehicle, it operates like an independent witness, providing a fully impartial and accurate version of events. Modern cameras come with GPS which can track location and speed, and some, can even track collision force.

The result is an objective view of accidents that can help in repudiating false or non-fault claims – which leads to keeping down claims costs and insurance premiums!

These cameras are easy to use and adhere to a vehicle’s windscreen, and can be set to record continuously or to lock down footage before and after an accident.

This cameras also record G-Force, so in the event of an accident the camera will be able to track when the vehicle was struck and how hard. They can be hard-wired, and lockable or tamper-proof options are also available upon request.

In vehicle, forward facing cameras are proven to reduce fleet claims costs, and can often contribute to fuel efficiency. Companies also find it a benefit to be able to monitor the driving quality of their drivers to identify areas of risk.

The cameras record in full 1080 HD with a wide-angle 170 degree lens to ensure it catches as much of the scene as possible. The cameras have been proven to modify and improve driver behaviour, as well as being used for tools to monitor the speed of drivers.

Recording software is easy to use and works on both PC and Mac, enabling HD playback, screenshots and extractions in a multitude of media formats.

There is no minimum or maximum order required for cameras, which can be delivered in bulk to any premises.

If you are interested in obtaining a dashcam camera through us, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can do so either  via our Contact page, by emailing us here or calling us in the office on 0344 892 1728.

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