Why do I need a Camera?


Having a Dashcam is like having an independent eyewitness in your vehicle with you. In the case of an accident, a camera will provide a fully objective version of events that can help in the handling of motor claims.

Cameras are an invaluable tool, providing you with  a visual back up in the event of an accident. With Crash for Cash becoming a worrying trend on the roads, and drivers ever more nervous about incoming claims, video footage can be an extremely useful piece of evidence in the fight against fraud. Even a simple dispute over liability is often settled with footage from in-vehicle devices.

The use of cameras has been proven to help reduce the frequency of road traffic accidents drivers are involved in. Footage is also court admissible, making it invaluable in the case of large or severe road traffic accidents. Many cameras also double as security, as well as being a secure way for fleet managers to monitor their drivers’ everyday driving habits.

Several insurers apply notable discounts to drivers and fleets with cameras installed. While only around 3% of all UK vehicles currently have cameras, this number is rapidly rising as more drivers and companies pick up on the benefits. Safedrive sell three different kinds of camera.

Smartwitness Cameras


These cameras are easy to use and adhere to a vehicle’s windscreen, and can be set to record continuously or to lock down footage before and after an accident.

Smartwitness cameras also record G-Force, so in the event of an accident the camera will be able to track when the vehicle was struck and how hard. They can either be plugged into a cigarette lighter or hard-wired, and lockable or tamper-proof options are also available upon request.

Smartwitness cameras are proven to reduce fleet claims costs, and can often contribute to fuel efficiency. Companies also find it a benefit to be able to monitor the driving quality of their drivers to identify areas of risk.

More Information

RAC Cameras


Safedrive offer two types of RAC in-vehicle cameras. The 05 is a Dashcam that can be hardwired into the vehicle and sits on the windscreen, and the 03 is a combined camera and rear view mirror. The 03 clips over the front of your existing rear view mirror and films from there.



To learn more about each type of camera, or to see example footage, please click the pictures above.

Our cameras are forward facing, with built-in GPS tracking.
They use a state of the art technology AL750 chip from Ambarella, the world’s leading processor for in-car technology.

Suitable for any vehicle, they are loaded with driver-friendly features which include Lifetime Safety Camera and Speed Alerts, a Forward Collision and Lane Diversion Warning System and video recording capability in Super HD 1296p.

The cameras are supplied with a free 8GB Micro SD card delivering 5 minutes of video for each 1GB of space on the supplied card. They records in segments, pre-set to 3 minutes, but can be adjusted using the simple menu functions of the camera.

When the SD card is full the cameras, which operate on a loop recording system, overwrite the oldest recording and continues to record without the need to erase or download any data.

Cameras are available from just £100 (+VAT)

If you would like to know more about the cameras we offer, please get in touch with us. You can contact us via our Contact page, email us here, or call us in the office on 01952 298990.