RAC 03


The RAC 03 is a forward facing dash cam with built-in GPS tracking, a ‘world first’ for a rear view mirror camera, using a state of the art technology AL750 chip from Ambarella, the world’s leading processor for in-car technology.

Suitable for any vehicle, the RAC 03 is loaded with driver-friendly features which include Lifetime Safety Camera and Speed Alerts, a Forward Collision and Lane Diversion Warning System and video recording capability in Super HD 1296p.


The RAC 03 is supplied with a free 8GB Micro SD card delivering 5 minutes of video for each 1GB of space on the supplied card.
The RAC 03 records in segments, pre-set to 3 minutes, but can be adjusted using the simple menu functions of the camera.

When the SD card is full the RAC 03, which operates on a loop recording system, overwrites the oldest recording and continues to record without the need to erase or download any data.

Sample Footage



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